Warning signs

Violence can take many different forms, and it is not uncommon for violence to be followed by a great deal of love. Many of the women we meet also describe great love and passion at the start of the relationship.

The fact that you do not recognise the following particular warning signs does not mean that you are not being subjected to violence by your partner.

  • Your partner is keen to establish a solid relationship quickly.

  • Your partner is jealous and controlling towards you.

  • Your partner keeps you awake or wakes you up during the night.

  • Your partner controls how you use your money or hides away shared money.

  • Your partner isolates you from your friends and family.

  • Your partner threatens to reveal negative or sensitive information about you to people near you.

  • Your partner breaks your property and/or injures your pet, or threatens to do so.

  • Your partner has sudden mood swings, screams and calls you derogatory names.

  • Your partner threatens violence.

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