We offer support to women who have been subjected to violence

Uppsala Women’s Shelter receives women and girls who have been subjected to some form of violence. This applies regardless of whether the violence has occurred in a heterosexual relationship, a same-sex relationship or has been perpetrated by a partner, relative or any other person.

Uppsala Women’s Shelter works according to Response Based Practice, CBT and MI. We offer free counselling by phone, e-mail or though booked visits. We also offer legal advice. If necessary, we can provide support alongside social services, the police, the health care service, the district court, etc. Uppsala Women’s Shelter has staff who are trained in the staircase model and are thereby able to offer counselling to children who have been subjected to, witnessed or experienced domestic violence.

We do not keep records and you can be anonymous when you contact us. When social services place a woman and any children in our sheltered accommodation, however, we keep records in accordance with the Social Services Act.

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