Sheltered accommodation

Uppsala Women’s Shelter has two sheltered accommodation units. Each property has space for two women and their children. The women each have a private bedroom but share the kitchen, living room and bathroom. If a woman has several children, she can use the whole property on her own. The property offers a self-catering accommodation. In one of the properties, we are also able to accept pets. Our properties are not staffed around the clock.

All women and children who stay in our sheltered accommodation receive e.g. ongoing counselling, contact with housing support officers, assistance in their contacts with public authorities, an implementation plan for their stay as well as follow-ups with various authorities. We have staff trained in threat and risk assessments such as FREDA and PATRIARK, and we also conduct these. All placements take place via social services. When a woman is placed in our sheltered accommodation, we keep records according to the Social Services Act.

Do you work at social services and want to arrange a placement? Call us on 018-10 10 49 or fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you!

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