Data controller

Uppsala Women’s Shelter as a legal entity is responsible for the processing of personal data within the operation. Uppsala Women’s Shelter can be contacted by e-mail at and by phone on 018-10 10 49.

Our collection of data and the purpose of collecting data

Uppsala Women’s Shelter saves certain information about women seeking support. The information that is saved comprises first name, possibly surname if the woman gives this, as well as the woman’s telephone number. The reason for also saving the phone numbers of women who are seeking support is so that we can contact them if necessary. The purpose of saving these details is that we want to be able to keep annual statistics regarding the number of people seeking our support. All women are entitled to remain anonymous when they contact us. In such cases, the woman is registered as anonymous.

As for the women who are placed in our sheltered accommodation, we keep records in accordance with the Social Services Act.

Access to the saved data

Only those who are employees at the Shelter have access to the data that is saved about the women seeking support. The details are kept locked away in a special cabinet. A person who is registered with us is entitled to access their data and also to have the details amended if necessary. Consent to save data may be withdrawn and, if no legal impediment exists, a person may request the deletion of registered data. Documents that are saved when we provide social services may be disclosed if we are required by law to do so. This only applies to women who have been placed in our sheltered accommodation under the Social Services Act.

Saving and thinning out

As we save certain information about women who are seeking support in order to be able to keep statistics, the registered information is deleted when a new year starts and the statistics have been registered. The saved information is retained for a maximum of 15 months. In the case of women who are placed in our sheltered accommodations in accordance with the Social Services Act, the documents are removed 5 years after the last note was made in the document.

For those women who receive legal advice from the Shelter’s lawyer, special removal times apply in accordance with the Public Records Act and the Book-keeping Act. The documents that are to be archived are removed after 10 years.

Information to the Swedish Data Protection Authority

If you consider that our processing of personal data has been conducted incorrectly, you can report this to the Data Protection Authority by phone on 08-657 61 00 or by e-mail at

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