A few tips for those who are subjected to violence


    Make a note on your calendar or in your diary when you have been subjected to violence. It is important for you to write down when the violence occurs and what happens. The notes will be useful if you want to report the violence to the police in future. It is important to keep your notes in a safe place where your partner cannot find them.


    Take photographs of the injuries you sustain if you are subjected to physical violence. Ideally include e.g. that day’s newspaper in the same picture to confirm the day’s date. Photograph the injuries together with a ruler or tape measure. It is important for it to be clear that it is you in the picture, so you should therefore take photographs where your face is visible and gradually zoom in on the injuries. It is good if someone else can take the photographs, as that person can then also see the injuries and possibly testify in future.


    Seek medical attention if you have physical injuries. Allow your doctor to document the injuries you have sustained.


    Tell someone you trust about the situation in your relationship. If there is nobody you dare to tell, please feel free to contact us.

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